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Fall of Imiryn can be considered to be the first serious game using the Annchienta engine. It tells the story of three aspiring young warriors, hoping to join the Fifth Guard, the elite section of the army of the Imiryn Empire. However, their last test doesn't exactly turn out as they expected...

Installation on Windows

Download this zip archive. Extract it anywhere, browse to that location and run fall_of_imiryn.bat by double-clicking it.

Installation on Linux

First, make sure you install the core engine.

Download this archive containing the Fall of Imiryn game. To run, just use: $ tar -xzf fall_of_imiryn-version-src.tar.gz
$ cd fall_of_imiryn
$ python


This game features more beautiful (cough) pixel art, and an intruiging storyline. There's an Active Time Battle-based battle system, inspired by the less recent games in the Final Fantasy Series.

This game uses the mouse for interaction, which makes explaining the controls very easy. Point the mouse somewhere and hold down the left mouse button to move in that direction. In all menus, click options to select them. If you want to cancel a menu, or enter the in-game menu, use the right mouse button.

Enter the in-game menu with the right mouse button when you're in the field screen (not during battles) to change equipment. When you come across large glowing crystals, you can use these to save your game by interacting with them.

Interacting with objects and persons is done by left-clicking them when you are close to them.