This package is the core Annchienta engine. All other packages depend on this one. Linux users should download this seperately and install it before using any other packages from this site. Windows users will find this package included in all other packages, so there is basically no need to install it, unless you want to create games with it yourself.

The documentation is for the engine is available here: Annchienta API Documentation

Installation on Windows

Window developpers should compile the engine for themselves. They can base themselves on the instructions for Linux.

Installation on Linux

Download this archive containing the core engine source. To compile and install, try the following commands. $ tar -xzf annchienta-version-src.tar.gz
$ cd annchienta
$ cmake .
$ make
$ sudo make install
If anything goes wrong, make sure you have the right dependencies installed. You will need the development libraries (xxx-dev or xxx-devel) packages in most distros for: