Some characters from the game.

What is Annchienta?

Annchienta is 2d a game engine. It is an Object-Oriented game engine written mostly in C++, and built on OpenGL and SDL. The engine has a focus on Isometric Role-Playing Games, altough it can be used in other situations as well. It is mainly meant to be used with Python through swig, as a Python module.

Currently, the main game is Fall of Imiryn, an epic RPG with many fantasy elements. You can read more about it on this website, or download it straight away for Windows or Linux.

Latest news

February 13, 2009 - svn903 released, bugfixes and new features. Read more...

January 19, 2009 - Website remake. As you all can see, the website has been remade. I hope everyone likes it, but I think it's certainly better than the previous one.